Getting to Bribie Island from Brisbane


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We’re right on Brisbane’s doorstep!

Just imagine leaving your Brisbane office now and being on the water within an hour , powering along the Pumiceston Passage with Bribie Island on one side and the Glasshouse Mountains on the other.

We are Brisbane’s playground. Get here and leave your stress in Brisbane.

Before you leave, let us know you’re coming. Book online, call or leave a text on 0434 330 660 and we will have the jet skis ready to go.

Don’t have a car – why not catch a train? It will be a bit of an adventure but it is possible to use public transport all the way from Brisbane.

To find out how, use the journey planner at



Our Vision:

We seek to blend the lust for adrenalin and a connection to our natural environment to create a genuine and unforgettable eco-adventure for people of all ages.

Our Values:

  1. We will deliver a quality experience that guests will remember for 100 days, not 100 k’s.
  2. The safety of our guests is paramount.
  3. We will protect the marine environment by having a zero tolerance for marine pollution, a no plastic bag policy on the waterway and our jet skis will meet the Californian emission standards. 
  4. We respect other waterway users and will reduce wake and speed where necessary for their comfort.
  5. We uphold the laws of the sea and the principles of good seamanship.